I am so excited for my new website- and this is my very first blogpost on it! In the past, I have not been great at blogging. But I have some really great ideas on what I want this new blog to be like! The most important thing to know about this blog- is that is all ME. When you meet me , I dont want to feel like a stranger, so I promise that this blog will always be an accurate representation of who I truly am- all of it, the good the bad and the ugly. Hiring a photographer can be a very personal decision, as we are entrusted with priceless moments. You want to love the pictures and video that they take- but you also want to love them as a person. So here is me!! Welcome to my blog!

I always laugh when friends and clients tell me, “Wow- you have the best job! You get to go out, hang out with amazing people (TRUE) , take their picture (true- but harder than it looks) , eat all the best wedding food and cake (YES! TRUE!), and then go home, and you’re done!”

LOLOLOLOL. Not exactly. There is so much more to being a photographer than pushing a button. And yes, all of the above are true! I work with the most amazing clients, meet fantastic people, direct camera shy people, boss around tipsy groomsmen, chase around goofy toddlers (I actually love that part!) , and travel all over (OH! THE TRAVEL!!). BUT there is also importing the images, backing up the images, dealing with hosting and websites and search engine optimization, editing the images, editing the videos, posting them, sharing them, instagramming them, responding to emails, texts, voicemails, DM’s, PM’S, gear maintenance, insurance, contracts, and the list goes on. In all honesty, for every hour I spend shooting, is probably 4+ hours of behind the scenes work and office work. My body doesn’t even know how to fall asleep before midnight, thats for sure! Most of you also know I still consider myself a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) with four very busy and active kiddos.

And I love EVERY SECOND. So what exactly is my WHY? Why do I own my own business? Why do I stay up late at night while everyone else is sleeping and edit?

Simple. Because life is SO SO SHORT. Because life goes faster than I want it to most of the time. Because I have a horrible memory, and if I dont take pictures of it, I WILL forget it. Im probably not alone in that.

When I got started in photography, I heard over and over again that I had a gift. A natural talent I didn’t know about. (prepare for lots of cliche over-used photography adjectives here, so my apologies in advance). I love being able to capture more than what a person LOOKED like, but capturing the essence of who they are. Their strength, grace, vulnerability, joy, silliness, adoration, their love. Photography speaks to me through emotion- and I love being able to capture and freeze it and make it last forever.

As a religious person, I believe that it is my obligation to share my talents with others (Remember the Bible parable about the master and his talents?). I love being able to create and document memories for others. I will continue to expand my talents, to improve my abilities, and share them as long as a possibly can.

The last reason WHY?? The pictures below. Having my own business allows me to spend the most time with my favorite little people in the whole world. We love to travel! These pictures are from a recent family vacation to the Caribbean, and camping in Zion National Park. I figure this blog is a place for me to share my thoughts, tips, ideas, as well as my work- so what better place to start than my own personal family shots, right?

Lastly, I end every blog with my favorite phrase, “Joie de Vivre”. It means exuberant enjoyment of life. It is what I try to do every second of every day- enjoy life. See the positive. Make moments, be present in the moments (then document those moments!) . Its why I chose the phrase as my business name. So there you go.

Joie de Vivre!!!


Chris and I! Your photographer and videographer! Clearly we are fun and cool and not weird at all. 😉

Joie de Vivre!!


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