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Ashleigh and Stefanie met in Temecula, Ca in 2013. Ashleigh was ready to get back into shooting weddings, after spending a few years primarily in her salon, and reached out to Stefanie to collaborate as a mentor. It was immediately apparent, after a coffee date turned into a 3 hour laughing and gab session, that we were destined to be 'together'!! We started shooting immediately, planning styled/editorial photoshoots, getting creative, and shooting weddings together as well as each others second/associate shooters. The amazing thing about working with each other, is that we don't COMPETE for dominance as lead shooters, we encourage and bring out each others creativity! Working together caused our images to have more depth, creativity and emotion, because we fed off each others energy, lifting us both to an artistry that has made us both better shooters, and better people. We are friends first, and business partners second, who encourage each other to continue to keep growing! When you find someone you trust implicitly to shoot exactly the same way you do, with 100% confidence, it was only meant to be that we would join forces, and shoot together under one brand.

While Joie de Vivre Photography was started by Stefanie, it is now comprised of both Stefanie (who recently moved to Dallas, TX) and Ashleigh (Southern Ca) as the main shooters. We also work with an amazing team of lead videographers, and second shooters! Both Ash and Stef are trained in photo and video, and work with the entire team for a seamless wedding experience. Stefanie handles all the editing to maintain continuity of style and design, as well as the back end office work, so Ashleigh can also continue to run her hair and make-up business in her Salon in Fallbrook.




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Hi! I am Stefanie! Gym & pizza lover, wife to my childhood best friend Chris, and momma to four amazing kiddos. Being a photographer is the dream 'job'! I am able to immortalize love & joy, heart & soul. Creating art from both every day moments, & once in a lifetime events, is an absolute passion. I consider myself so blessed to be able to do it for a living.

My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I became a photographer when my babies were little. With three under 2, and then 4 (4 and under!) life was a whirlwind, and I wanted to learn how to document more of my life- so I bought a starter camera, soaked up and learned as much as I could, and absolutely dove in 100 percent. As I have grown, I have become incredibly aware of how quickly time passes! I was not blessed with a great memory- and my memories are fallible, imperfect, and fading.


Memory is a funny thing. Emotion, fortunately, has a much longer memory. This is why our greatest purpose as memory documenters is that through our work, we can all look back at those fleeting moments and remember not just how we looked, but re-experience how we felt . Our work is emotional, sweeping, and grand in feeling. While everyone needs a 'look here and smile!' shot, the images that touch us the most are the ones with the crinkle nose laugh, the windblown hair in your face as you dance during the sunset. The tickle fight between siblings. And the way he looks at you, as you celebrate your own personal love story. Our images are not about posed smiles and absolute perfection, but are about how you FEEL when you look at them, as a reminder of how you felt the moment they were created.





HI! Im Ashleigh! I am a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer as well as a full time hair and makeup artist. But above all else, I am a full time Mommy to the most adorable little boy!!!! I started my photography career as an “oops”. I was in college my freshman year and needed an elective. Both my parents didn’t like the idea of me going to school to study art and wanted me to find a “real” job. So I took photography as my elective and to keep me from getting too bored while taking all my other classes. Two years into college I decided to go to beauty school, and found my other passion! I used my photography skills to do shoots on the side to pay some of my bills while I worked part time. I ended up falling in love with both of my passions at the same time! I am lucky enough now to be able to say that I can use both of my careers to support one another. I have my own hair and makeup business and salon in Fallbrook, Ca. Since I rekindled my photography passion back in 2013 and met my future 'work wife/photography bestie- I am so lucky to never feel like I'm working a day in my life. I wake up everyday excited about what I get to create for my clients. Because of all my clients that trust in me everyday with capturing the most important memories in their lives, I know I am truly blessed.



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our pictures were stunning! what a joy she was to work with.

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